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Art Nr Författare / Titel Pris SEK Info
22732Barclay William (Translation) / The New Testament A New Translation90.00
500189Campbell Morgan G. / The analysed Bible65.00
28337Cruden Alexander M A / A Complet Concordance to the Old and New testament A Dictionary, and Alphabetical index to the Bible in two Parts, A Concordance to the Apocrypha350.00
78542Good News Bible Todays English version Two Books Old and New Testament225.00
500183Good News for Modern man The New Testament in todays english version50.00
500247Good News for modern man The New Testament in todays english version45.00
23160Grant F.W / The numerical Bible Hebrews to Revelation345.00
11473Green Jay (Editor) / The Multinear Translation of the New Testament150.00
500248Holy Bible American Stadard version55.00
500184Insight The NIV New Testament With notes by Philip Yancey65.00
29827Leadership Bible New International Version Contemporary Leadership Principles from God´s Word90.00
500188Metzger Bruce M. (Edit.) / The Oxford annotated Bible The New Testament Revised standard version60.00
29798Nave Orville J, Semans Nave Anna / Nave´s Study Bible 100,00
414622New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ/ Det Nya Testamentet af wår Herre och frälsare Jesus Kristus (1903)95.00
500187New Testament Revised standard version75.00
26962Phillips J B / The Gospels translated into Modern english125.00
52964Phillips J.B / Letters to young churches A translation of the new Testament epistles Introduction by C.S Lewis45.00
100501Phillips J.B / The New Testament in modern english 40.00
26577Sterling John( Editor) / The Bible Authorized Version drawings by Horace Knowles250.00
500182Stirling John (Edited) / The Bible Revised standard version65.00
31200The English Version of the Polyglot Bible containing the Old and New Testaments with a Copious and Original Slection of References to Parallel and Illustrative PAssages200.00
26581The Holy Bible New International version90.00
56906The Holy Bible New International version 1984155.00
11494The Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament Hebrew and English / The Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament Hebrew and English250.00
13116The interlineary hebrew and english Psalter75.00
26579The Jerusalem Bible New Testament With Abridged Introductions and Notes100.00
414612The living Bible British Edition40.00
500245The living Bible Paraphrased45.00
33917The New Analytical Bible and Dictionay of the Bible authorized King James Version250.00
500185The New English Bible 75.00
500186The New English Bible 70.00
26942The New English Bible New Testament90.00
56545The New English Bible with the Apocrypha80.00
414618The New Testament and the Book of Psalms. Red letter Edition.100.00
26589The S S Teacher´s Bible The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments95.00
55611Walshaw How W / The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ according to the Authorised Version with a Brief Commentary by various Authors The Four Gospels100.00

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