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Art Nr Författare / Titel Pris SEK Info
29383100 Wiews of Oxford / Published by Penrose Palmer Oxford200.00
51663A Geographia Gudie London for the Visitor45.00
29384A Guide to London with the Compliments of Midlands Bank Limitited75.00
29379Aldens´s Oxford Guide with Notes on the District and Rivers Key-plan on the University and City Map of central Oxford and numerous illustrations150.00
13626Atkins M / The Official Pictorial Record of St Pauls Cathedral75.00
14227Batsford Harry, Fry Charles / The greater english church of the middle ages50.00
34478Bellew George / St Georges Chapel Windsor and the most Noble order of the Garter75.00
29381Benham´s Colchester A History and Guide 110.00
33295Blomqvist Th. / Englands väg till klarhet Brittisk politik och opinion efter franska revolutionen75.00
40679Blue Guide London45.00
26778Boussard Jacoues / London with the collaboration of H. J. Stenning75.00
33296Boussard Jacoues / London with the collaboration of H. J. Stenning75.00
01691Bowman John / The Universal History of the World The Age of enlightenment Volume 1055.00
40395Burton Nick / Exploring Manchester Historical strolls around the City centre50.00
51549Bäckström Maria / Fem veckor i England100.00
51553Christ Church Oxford50.00
71818Cobb Gerald / The old churches of London70.00
70428Court A N / Colourful England 50.00
51590Court A N / The Colourful British Isles120.00
29390Craigavon Viscount / The Pictorial History of The Houses of Parliament The Royal Palace of Westminster40.00
26363Crossley Fred H / The English Abbey It´s life and works in the middle ages65.00
19859Danielsson Carl / Från Drake till Nelson Biografiska skildringar ur det brittiska imperiets historia med 28 bilder55.00
51551Danielsson Carl / Från Drake till Nelson Biografiska skildringar ur det brittiska imperiets historia med 28 bilder65.00
23013Edited by John Julius Norwich / Britain´s Heritage50.00
51664England (Turisthäfte)45.00
30033Fox Levi / Stratford-Upon-Avon and the Shakespear Country30.00
53341Frost David, Jay Antony / Till England med hjärtlig hälsning30.00
51588Gainsford John / Times Gone by A photographic record of Great Britain 1856-1956 From the Archives of the Hulton Picture Company125.00
29387Geographers Map of London with postal district and complete index to streets Clear print Easy to read75.00
80343Gibson William / The Church of England 1688-1832 Unity and Accord140.00
56784Hammond Reginald J W (Edit) / The Complete Scotland A Comprehensive Survey, based on Road, Walking Rail and Steamer Routes75.00
70425Hammond Reginald J W / Ward Lock´s Red Guide Highlands of Scotland110.00
13756Hamrin Agne / John Bull i helg och söcken med 8 planscher40.00
10225Harvey John / The english cathedrals (Photographed by Harvey Felton and text by John Harvey)55.00
85075Harvey John / The english cathedrals (Photographed by Harvey Felton and text by John Harvey)55.00
40394Harvey L A , Leger-Gordon D St / Dartmoor The New Naturalist80.00
70427Hjort Harriet / Irlandskust150.00
51545Holmberg Gunnar / Eleven glimpses of Britain45.00
28457Holmqusit Hjalmar / Engelsk högkyrka, lågkyrka, frikyrka (anglikanism, puritanism, kongregationalism) I deras historiska tillkomst 1559-1689100.00
51665Hutchings Richard / This Island Isle of Wight A Guide to the Romantic and Historic Landmarks ot the Isle of Wight55.00
26997Jones Sydney R / England South75.00
40678Keates Jonathan, Hornak Angelo / Canterbury Cathedral60.00
85043Keith A Berriedale / Det brittiska samväldet Territorier och författningar med åtta sidor fotografier100.00
52815Kemp Robert / The Isle of Skye45.00
85509Large scale easy to read London Map75.00
51580Lawfield F W / Cambridge75.00
56787Leigh Dell / England and Scotland London & North eastern Railway 1946140.00
51589Liljeroth Erik (Foto), Dahmén Gunnar (Text) / The tourist´s London80.00
29382Lindeborg Lisbeth / Engelsk fascism på frammarsch45.00
29386London pocket atlas50.00
29375Macaulay Lord / Englands historia från Jakob den andres tronbestigning Andra delen75.00
81417Madame Tussaud´s Baker St London40.00
54477Meile Henry W / Scotland A Desciption of Scotland and Scottish Life150.00
29388Memories of London A Picture-Souvenir of the Worlds Greatest City Repduced from the Original water-colours in the Possession of the Publishers-80.00
70426Miller Karl / Memoirs of a Modern Scotland100.00
51556Mitchell W R / Life on the Yorkshire Pennines A Pictorial Review 75.00
81415Newson Barbara / Look at Windsor Franais Deutsch Espanol Italiano55.00
33297Nicklin J A (described) Haslehust (pictured) / Dickens-land50.00
51583Norberg Inga / London och de Brittiska öarna Vägledning och råd40.00
40393Olsson Naima / Present England60.00
60998Overton J H / Life in the English Church (1660-1714)200.00
18686Peacocke Marguerite D / The Pictorial History of Hampton Court Palace75.00
09366Peacocke Marguerite D / The Pictorial History of Windsor Castle 75.00
26685Philips A.B.C. pocket Atlas-guide to London with postal areas 13 revised version40.00
28944Pocklington L / Lönnkammaren En berättelse från reformationstiden i England115.00
70433Praeger R. Lloyd / Irish Landscape as seen by a Naturlist Irish Life and Culture IV 75.00
28455Raban Sandra / Mortmain Legislation and the English Church 1279-1500100.00
56220Ringstedt Henrik V / London i lupp110.00
17330Road Atlas of Great Britain150.00
51554Rutter Frank / Guide to Cambridge With illustrations of every College and Important Building75.00
51547Saltmarsh John (Described), Tilbrook R H (Photo.) / Kings´s College and its Chapel 75.00
53998The Market Cross Stockton-on-Tees90.00
29389The Official Guide to Windsor Castle 125.00
51546The Pictorial History of Hampton Court45.00
28338The Royal Album of London Views With Map and Index140.00
81325Wakeman H O / Den Engelska kyrkan historia90.00
51601Ward-Lock and Co´s London Illustrated Guide Books200.00
19067Wheeler Gordon / The Pictorial History of Westminster Cathedral75.00
51548Williams H C N / Coventry Cathedral A Pitkin Pirctorial Colour Souvenir45.00
52816Williams H C N / Coventry Cathedral Colour Souvenir in three Languages, ty fr eng55.00
40392Wärenstam Eric / England efter kriget Ögonblicksbilder ur Englands sociala religiösa och kulturella liv100.00
51585Wärenstam Eric / England efter kriget Ögonblicksbilder ur Englands sociala religiösa och kulturella liv75.00

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